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How to get multiple streams of income through Affiliate Marketing

An image of many Coins on newspaper

An image of many Coins on newspaper
An image of many Coins on newspaper


Making Passive Income

They say you cannot get rich on the internet but some have become super rich and have made millions, they say you cannot make money yet some people make a living on line.Some say only peanuts and nothing else, i say knowledge innovation and dedication can earn you income. The income maybe residual, but consider earning about $150 in ten affiliate programs, simple addition comes to $1500 dollars a month. Affiliate payouts maybe small but combined can earn a steady income.

Many -streams of income

What do i mean by many streams of income it simply means making money from different sources at the same time. Many streams maybe penny based but they add up in the long run. Several top companies have carefully created affiliate programs to help webmasters and websites earn money. Some of the top websites are the web/content/product marketing website another is the search engine giants others are, the number one book publishers and sellers and eBay best auction/bid website.These website run affiliate programs that help website owners monetize their websites.

Who is an affiliate

An affiliate is a link between an organization group or individual between another larger company for business purposes. The larger company as a rule takes care of the shipping payment receiving and paying affiliate members and also prepares the sales report. They support their affiliates through tutorials and customer/affiliate care services.They are fully interested and commuted in the success of an affiliate.

making money through Google Affiliate program

Google AdSense

Google affiliate program has the Google AdSense program. The company Google Inc is an internet based service/product provider and top search engine founded by Sergey Brian and Larry Page and the companion in 2012 earned a top revenue of $12.76 BILLION. They have several subsidiaries like you tube, Motorola mobility, double click and many more.

The Google Ad Sense is an easy revenue sharing program that helps websites monetize. Webmasters get paid through target advertisement that are displayed on the affiliates website customized to enhance and match the host websites outlook.. They also have the facility to track traffic which is the most important resource for a website.

The Google Ad Sense affiliate program is free like amazons associate and eBay affiliate programs.All the work is done by your huge companies. For a website to be consider it most have good content should devoid of obscenity and hate content. The traffic generated allows Google access the websites rating and type of advertisement placed on the websites, the more the traffic the better the chances of making good returns on your affiliate program.

Webmasters should use search engine optimized words to allow Google crawlers locate there websites more readily, combined with good content helps Google AdSense advertisements place user friendly competitive advertisements on your website.Website owners can also deploy the use of text to encourage visitors use the affiliate links.

Types of AdSense programs

Google For content

Google AdSense is not only about advertisements but has to do with the methodology web owners and visitors use to reach Google advertisements. Google AdSense for content are advertisement that has good content as a bedrock.,they can be text streaming videos and other media types. The user is given a choice to use either the multimedia or simple text or both.

AdSense for feeds

The AdSense for feeds target websites that have over 150 sign up user, they should be active subscribers before the website owner can sign up for this affiliate program. If the website owner has multiple sites Google places the advertisements on each site according to its content. Your earning are then channeled to one single account. The feeds work through insertion of images on feeds.

Google AdSense for search allows website owners place Google search capsules on their sites, when a user uses the link and buys a product or clicks on an advert the webmaster gets paid.

AdSense payouts

Google Ad Sense works on pay per click on the Ad Sense search platform they can pay up to 51 percent, The payment method although shrouded in secrecy could be 20 cents per click and for 1000 searches $2 to $10.

Being an eBay affiliate

On your website eBay provides a link and any time a user clicks on he link and becomes an active user the webmaster gets paid, if the user places a bid on an item in the eBay store the affiliate gets paid, if an item is purchased by the user the affiliate earns between $0.05 to$4

how it works

eBay affiliates earn through lead generation payment methods. The sales pay out per bid is $0.05, if a visitor goes through your link and places a bid and becomes an active user you get paid, if other register through your link you get paid. Multiple website owners are moderated through commission junction where your status and account can be viewed.

Payment method

Any account that has a cumulative sum of $23 get paid monthly and any earning above$550 are liable to USA tax.

Amazon associates

Amazon was founded in 1994 by Jeff Bezos with their cooperate head quarters in Seattle Washington the company has ii their stable products such as Amazon kindle, Amazon stores and many other products. The company is worth $32.535 billion and is one of the topmost retailers on line with Amazon stores in India, Brazil, Spain, Germany UK and Italy. All Amazon associates before getting an affiliate contract must first have a good content website or blog where the affiliate link is placed.

Amazon is also the number one book sellers , there associates are provided links that include image of product,short text, price and location. If a user/visitor uses the link on your website and buys the item you get paid. In order to sign on as an associate you need to open an amazon account then sign up as an associate. The 3 step process covers your name, address, age sex, type of website a valid phone number and confirmation and finish. they will then issue you an Identification. They pay their associates a flat rate of $10 for kindle and $4 on other purchases.

The topmost payment methods on these programs vary some use PayPal, master card, direct deposit or checks. By signing up with these top websites and becoming affiliates or associates you can monetize your website and earn many streams of income.

Some more top affiliate websites

As stated earlier affiliate marketing helps you monetize your website or blog. It can be very lucrative if applied well. Affiliates are offered merchants products through links or advertisements on the affiliates website when ever a visitor clicks on a link and buys a product the affiliate gets paid. The website owner has the choice of product he wants displayed on their site.

The website has one of the largest networks, with about 12 million affiliate partners and a very good affiliate network, high customer service and support. The website offers to its subscribers well over 2600 affiliate programs you can choose from where every aspect is properly managed for greater returns and profitability. Getting on the affiliate platform is easy and stress free.

This website has a high ranking and is very popular with affiliate seekers, they offer an excellent platform good customer relations have a good PPA network, have priority software and over 1200 merchant programs.


ClickBank is one of the top affiliate networks available on line, they sell digital products, eBooks and Digital software. They have a very large number of products ranging in the thousands that you can select fro their library.

To become an affiliate is free and the offer excellent assistance/ customer service. The affiliate has the added advantage of choosing the product that best complements your websites look and feel. Click Bank has one of the highest pay outs for its affiliates, they pay 75 percent commission any time someone uses your link and buys a product. The high commission also allows joint venture partnership between other affiliates where their commission is shared between partners.The joint partners can promote the same product or other products.

Other benefits of the website is increased sales through product promotion and traffic.

pay out.

The website pays on time either through checks or direct deposit. Their tracking system makes sure purchases are well documented and remuneration is promptly paid usually within 1 week or 1 month. If someone buys a product with 60 days of using your link you still get paid. Another website you can search for is Clix Galore, webmasters and blogs if they need to make money on their site they should seriously consider affiliate marketing as a good source of income.

A wallet full of bank notes

A wallet full of bank notes
A wallet full of bank notes

Something about passive income

To build up pathways you need to create real time income streams through hard work research and by not falling for any get rich story, there are many affiliate programs out their like click bank, Fiverr, Amazon associate, Google Adsense, writing for contributory websites like Hubpages, Squidoo, yahoo voices. You can sell used books, old and new items on eBay, write an ebook/book, do online outsourcing, secretarial work, transcription work and many more the list endless. You are only  limited by your ability, skill, knowledge and determination. If you are good with computers you can become a consultant, get paid building website on request, build your own blog and monetize, passive income requires time, a positive attitude and the little money digits will come and eventually add up.

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