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Top Twenty Businesses For 2015

Get-Rich-2015. Follow your dream. We have the top twenty businesses for you to start now!

You don’t need to have a lot of money or experience to start your own business. You need to have passion and drive. You need to be detailed oriented with a dedicated follow-through. Are you ready?

According to the U.S. Small Business Administration anyone can start a business and succeed if they have a good idea, a good target market and leadership ability. Do you have what it takes to launch your very own private gold mine? There is something for everyone in our top twenty businesses.

Over the past several years, one of the most important contributions psychology has made to the field of business has been in determining the key traits of acknowledged leaders. Tests have been used to determine what characteristics are most commonly noted among successful leaders. This list of characteristics can be used for developmental purposes to help managers gain insight and develop their leadership skills. You can use it to rate your chances of being a great leader.

Raymond Cattell, a pioneer in the field of personality assessment, developed the Leadership Potential equation in 1954. This equation, which was based on a study of military leaders, is used today to determine the traits that characterize an effective leader. The traits of an effective leader include the following:

• Emotional stability: Leaders must be able to tolerate frustration and stress.

• Dominance: Leaders are often competitive, and enjoy overcoming obstacles.

• Enthusiasm: Leaders are usually seen as active, expressive and energetic. They are often very optimistic and open to change.

• Conscientiousness: Leaders are often dominated by a sense of duty and tend to be very exacting in character.

• Social boldness: Leaders tend to be spontaneous risk-takers. They are usually socially aggressive and generally

• Self-assurance: Self-confidence and resiliency are common traits among leaders. They tend to be free of guilt and have little or no need for approval.

• Intuitiveness: Rapid changes in the world today, combined with information overload result in an inability to know everything. In other words,
reasoning and logic will not get you through all situations.

• Compulsiveness: Leaders are controlled and very precise in social interactions.

• Empathy: Being able to put yourself in the other person’s shoes is a key trait. Without empathy, you can’t build trust.

• Charisma: People usually perceive leaders as larger than life. Charisma plays a large part in this perception. Leaders who have charisma are able to arouse strong emotions in their employees by defining a vision that unites and captivates them.

Leaders are rarely (if ever) born. Circumstances and persistence are major components in the developmental process of any leader, so if your goal is to become a leader, work on developing those areas of your personality that you feel are not up to par.
Top Twenty Businesses

What Business Should You Start?

To be successful, you must launch a venture that you will love. If you love what you do, you’ll never work another day in your life. And if you enjoy operating your business, every day will be an exciting adventure. There is something for everyone in our top twenty businesses.

Thanks to our global world there is no category of business that is off-limits to you. Purchase a business opportunity, buy a franchise, launch an independently owned company from your home or outside facility. Consider taking on a partner if you lack certain talents or skills that they can provide.

Start the business you dream about! We’ve put together fifteen amazing business categories that will be hot in 2015 and into the future. We present the top twenty businesses you should consider starting now. There is something for every interest and budget. See what will work in your community. Is there a market for this business in your area? How will you reach your target customers? Do you require special permits? Conduct your own due diligence research to see if one of our top twenty businesses is viable for you.


Food businesses are hot and you don’t have to be a five star chef to get into the food industry. There are plenty of ways to get started with a food business of your own! Food definitely deserves a place on our list of top twenty businesses.

If you make a food product, sell it! Bottle that sauce, offer your custom cakes for sale or create fabulous dinners in your client’s home as a personal chef. Make sure you investigate the rules and regulations involving selling food products that you make at home. In some states you will need a Food Handler’s License. It is similar to taking a permit test to get a driver’s license.

Call the county clerk’s office in your area and see what the regulations are and you can find them online at your state’s website.

You might also have to have your home kitchen inspected by the Health Department.

You can also sell food from an established business that already has a Food Handler’s License. You can purchase sandwiches from a local food shop or deli, for example, and then resell them for a

profit at industrial parks, sport fields, etc. See if you need a permit to sell food in a public space. Again, the county clerk can answer these questions for you.

You can also bake bread for a local restaurant or catering company, bottle your salad dressing or pasta sauce and sell it at local crafts fairs and food markets. Check out the laws and print up a label of ingredients for your sauce and dressing. Go online conduct your own due diligence research to check out the requirements in your state.

If you want to tie in with a proven leader and sell their food products consider Little Jimmy’s Italian Ices & Push Carts. Their fun and colorful, crowd pleasing carts, fit in most minivans or SUVs. The push carts require no electricity or dry ice.

Your first order placed with Little Jimmy’s will include more than 6000 servings of their Italian Ice that includes no fat, no dairy, no cholesterol, and no high fructose corn syrup.

You don’t need any experience to launch this business and you can run it on weekends, part-time or full-time. Sell at fairs, crafts shows, flea markets, wherever people gather.

The startup cost is less than $4300 and you can learn more about by visiting or call 800-763-4348.

L’il Orbits is another food company that offers a business opportunity program. The company offers donut making machines and accessories. Anyone who has walked a street fair or crafts shows, etc., has probably been lured to the booth of a L’il Donuts vendor by the aroma of fresh baked donuts.

According to the company, “Our mini-donut and pancake & crepe machines are proven money-makers, made in America and now operated profitably in over 100 countries around the globe. For more information on joining the Lil’ Orbits family of operators worldwide, click on the links above.

“Fresh, Hot Mini-Donuts have always been a popular food item at carnivals, festivals, fairs and many other outdoor seasonal events. Our customers often tell us how much fun it is to hear their customers reminisce about eating mini-donuts when they were kids.

“The Lil’ Orbits Uni-matic II pancake & crepe machine can help you add new, easy-to-prepare items to your current menu, and also improve product consistency. The Uni-Matic will cook anything you can cook on a griddle, without oil or grease.

“In addition to seasonal, outdoor events, there are hundreds of other places where our popular automated equipment can be very profitable. Here are just a few examples of where a well-placed mini-donut or pancake & crepe machine can help you become your own boss or expand your current business: coffee shops, bakeries, mall kiosks, storefronts (indoor or outdoor), sports arenas, food courts, entertainment complexes, high school sports, fundraising and much much more!”

To learn more about how you can start a business with help from L’il Orbits, visit and read about their history, business startup info and more. You can also call 800-228-8305 to contact the company.


Our obsession and love for our vehicles seems to have no signs of slowing down. Our automobiles and trucks are treated with kid gloves. Many car buyers spend in the high five figures for a vehicle and want them cared for by someone who can see to every detail.

You can start your own car detailing business and expand to include trucks, RV’s, boats, planes, scooter and motorcycles. A must for any list of top twenty businesses to consider now.

There are books on how to detail for sale on and there are videos on YouTube that show the finer points of detailing a vehicle. You can do it on your own. Visit an auto store and take a look at the products.

If you don’t want to be completely on your own, consider buying a kit. The Detail King company sells business opportunity packages priced from $1595 to $20,495. Visit their website at to see their six different auto detailing startup kits.

Paint Bull offers a business opportunity package that will help you become a mobile automotive repair technician. You’ll offer: paint repair, paintless dent repair, interior repair, headlight restoration and rim repair. The company is based in Saginaw, Michigan and their website is You can also call them at 800-800-5725.

Do an online search and see what you can learn about the business and the industry.


We all love to get home, kick back and relax. But who has the time to cater to the lawn, prune the shrubs, handle the weeding, organize the seeding and fertilizing schedule, order the mulch and put it down, and a host of other chores that caring for our landscaping and yard entails.

You can start a lucrative small business in your community taking care of these tasks. We know of a woman who was let go from her firm in Chicago, and starting with a single small gas powered lawnmower and a minivan, launched what is now a six-figure landscaping empire.

She printed up a flyer and left it everywhere: on cars, hanging on community bulletins boards, at any local establishment that would let her leave it for the taking. She placed a small ad in her local paper and offered a discount to “new customers.” Gradually, she built up her enterprise to the point where she just booked the jobs and sat back and collected the fees.

You can choose to specialize in a particular type of landscaping business –such as weed pulling-or you can run the gamut and offer it all. The choice is up to you, Boss.

By the way, weeds are a large problem for many landscapers who hire out the task to “Weeds Only” type landscape companies. You can start a “Weeds Only” business and never have to work to get jobs. Just contact the existing landscapers in your community and let them know when you are available to begin work.

Contact PLANET: Professional Landcare Network to learn more about the landscaping profession. This group represents more than 100,000 landscapers. For more info visit


Businesses that cater to parties always seem to do well no matter what shape the economy is in and there are plenty of options to consider in the party services business category.

Have you been told you make a great host? Consider starting a party planning enterprise. The Event Planners Association is a great website to investigate for ideas and options. Visit to see their information on a wide variety of events.

If you love cocktails and even like to invent your own, why not become a freelance bartender? You can attend one of the many bartending schools located throughout the United States. Just search for Bartending Schools online and see what is available in your region. Some bartending schools offer “intensive study” so you can get your certificate of completion right away. Going to a bartending school is not a requirement to launch your own freelance bartending service, but it could help you establish credibility and make it easier to take on gigs as a bartender for a local caterer.

Other small business possibilities include: photographer, florist, dish and glass rental, chair and table rental, tents and DJ. If you are an excellent cake maker consider starting your own custom cake business.

You can also run a fun photo booth. Mojo Photo Booth offers The Original Portable Photo Booth that has been a hit at many weddings, parties and events. The booth packages begin at $3995 and take only 15 minutes to set up. They fit in any passenger car and can be run by one person. You can even purchase the booth and then rent it out to wedding planners and other party planning or catering operations. The company website can help you learn more. Visit or call 888-484-MOJO (6656).


Small businesses that cater to kids are hot moneymakers. Parents don’t have enough hours in the day to take care of every programmed event for their children. Music lessons, sports activities, after school clubs, dance class, planning birthday parties, schools and tutoring are just a few options. Parents need help.

A number of stay-at-home Moms have launched day care centers in their homes figuring if they are home taking care of their own kids, why not get paid to watch and care for a few more. You’ll need supplies ranging from diapers and food to play things. You’ll need liability insurance and a waiver form for parents to sign. You might even need help and have to hire a few assistants to help you. Check with your local country clerk’s office to see if any special permits are required in your region of the country.

If you excelled at a subject in school or can play an instrument, consider giving classes or lessons. If you teach to a group, you’ll make more money in one hour than if you offer individual instruction.

Tutor in the child’s home to save on dressing up your own facility. Less liability, too, with this option.

If you enjoy kids but don’t want to be involved in a business working directly with them, consider starting your own Friendly Songs small business. You offer personalized music and gifts. You sell singing stuffed animals to your customers and CDs that have customized names for the children. This is a business opportunity dealer program and the company will help you get started. Visit or call 803-485-1544 to learn more.


If you are online you can see how many sales are generated by websites. You can launch your own website and sell a product that you’ve created or sell a product that you purchase wholesale from another company. Selling online today is the equivalent of a modern day mail order venture. More than 191 million shoppers in the U.S. buy goods online. More than 87% of the world’s population has shopped online. This is a global market for your products.

There are plenty of “drop and drag” affordable websites that offers easy to use tools to create a website in less than an hour., , or are just a few examples of web hosting companies with tools that you can master.

What types of products interest you? If you are a biker, sell a new type of bike lock, seat or helmet. Get involved with products you love and make your small business interesting and fun.

If you are a musician, sells music books or tools to fix guitars. You can even tie in with and become an affiliate. You place ads on your website for their products and if a visitor to your site goes to MusiciansFriends and buys it, you receive a percentage of the profits. has a similar affiliate program that you can investigate.

You can visit the website to view products that you can purchase from overseas and China. You should be cautious of making transactions with companies that have not been referred to you or that have a poor rating online. Google the company first and check out any complaints or negative reports. Do your homework before you purchase anything and avoid being ripped off later.

You can even start a business building websites for the almost 88% of small business owners that don’t currently have them. Investigate the website hosting services, learn the tools, build one of your own to promote your business and start selling to local entrepreneurs.


Cleaning services come in all shapes and sizes from the sole proprietor who is out there cleaning store windows to the mega-franchise owner who operates a dozen residential and commercial cleaning businesses. There is plenty of room for opportunity with a cleaning business.

You can start your own residential and commercial cleaning service by tying in with a franchisor and using their system of doing business, or purchase supplies, place ads, build a website homepage to give your business recognition online and start shopping for customers.

You can also start a variety of other cleaning businesses.

The Master’s Touch, for example, offers a complete turnkey system so you can launch your own hard surface cleaning company. This is not a franchise. There are no royalty payments. Financing is available for qualified candidates.

Training for The Master’s Touch program is comprehensive. According to the company, “Training is one of the most important elements when starting a new business, so we’ve put together a comprehensive training program designed to properly equip you for success. You’ll learn it all.

“The first day you will experience the tools first hand on a live job followed by a tour of our facility and classroom training where you learn the variety of surfaces you can clean with The Master’s Touch tools.

“On day two we’ll dive into the equipment training. This is where you will learn how to operate and maintain the equipment that power your tools.

“Now, generating sales is key the growth of your business so we’ll spend the third and fourth day with an emphasis on sales, marketing, and ongoing support.

“And Friday is graduation day, an experience that you’ll always remember as you officially become a small business owner.”

Visit to learn more or call 866-932-5353 for more information about the opportunity.

Rotovac offers a startup carpet cleaning package for $2995. Many carpet cleaning businesses just use the old manual scrub wand method because it has been around for over 40 years. Using a manual wand requires a great deal of physical labor and only cleans from two directions, often producing only mediocre results. The manual wand is old technology and gives you nothing new or different to market to your customers.

The Rotovac company has patented special Rotary Vacuum Heads that can deep clean the carpet from all directions. The tools do all the work.

The company also offers a package to clean tile and grout and we all know what a chore that can be. Their tile and grout-cleaning package is $3995. You can book residential and/or commercial clients.

Contact the company by phone at 888-768-6822 or visit their website for more information on how you can start this type of cleaning venture.

You can start a cleaning business cleaning out foreclosed properties. The Cleanout Foreclosures Guide is $249. The startup manual comes with a CD, business forms and professional marketing materials. You can run this business on weekends, evenings, part-time or full-time. The author, JT Stewart shares his insight. Stewart has ten years of experience in this field. Call the company at 800-685-9670 or visit their website at to get more info or to order the startup package.

The legendary VonSchrader company has been in business for 79 years and that carries a lot of weight to consumers. You can tie-in with VonSchrader to purchase their systems that include a carpet cleaning package and an upholstery package.

The company offers free training and a money-back guarantee. They also provide free sales and marketing service and support when you become a VonSchrader associate. The company offers Green Seal Certified cleaning products, a how-to business manual and support material. A comprehensive instruction book and DVD is included.

For more information call the company at 800-626-6916 or visit for information on how to get started.

Another disagreeable necessity for homeowners and apartment owners is blind cleaning. You can launch a blind cleaning business that also includes the cleaning, repair and installing of shades and shutters as well with help from LetsCleanBlinds. The company suggests that entrepreneurs can earn about $2000 a week with this business—and that’s just working for less than five hours a day, Monday to Friday.

LetsCleanBlinds suggests the business is ideal for part-time or full-time launch and offers good repeat business. Visit their website or call 770-616-1964 to learn how you can make money cleaning blinds for homeowners, commercial businesses, restaurants and more.

Hygienitech Systems offers a business opportunity turnkey package that will help you start your own mattress, upholstery cleaning and sanitizing service. You’ll receive free training, marketing assistance and help with advertising. You can learn more about the cleaning business by visiting the company website or call 561-381-4202/888-999-9030. You can also send an email to the sales department: for information.

Another cleaning venture you might want to consider is the cleaning of barbeque grills. We offer information on a unique cleaning business called The BBQ Cleaner The BBQ Cleaner in the BACKYARD BONANZA section of this feature.


If you own a truck, you have the basic tool you need to launch your own junk hauling service. Many people don’t have a truck or van to take their discarded items to the local dump or recycling facility.

Small business owners also make up your target audience. They could have recyclables that need to be carted away along with old chairs, filing cabinets and equipment.

Brian Scudamore started the 1-800-GOT-JUNK company back in 1989 and today it is the world’s largest junk removal company. Visit their website to see what they do and how they do it: You can start a high-profit business based on junk!


If you live in any area that attracts a lot of absentee property owners you can launch your own property management venture. Your assignments will be to drop in, check on and take care of properties while the owners are away.

There are a lot of tasks to consider: pool care, leaf raking, and maintenance of the house. You can also offer to restock the refrigerator and fill cars with gas.

You’ll be the one around to work with the local contractor while the property owner is off site, help with any deliveries and, in general, check on things while the owner is away.

Once you develop a couple of clients and receive positive word of mouth, you can start building a good and lucrative client base.


You can make money by selling goods through the mail or from your website and it has never been easier to get started. There are plenty of exciting options for even the first-time entrepreneur with no experience. You can sell your goods to a global audience. The first thing you need to find is a product to sell on your site or from your mail order ad.

A good source for your startup is “How To Become A Mail Order Millionaire,” by Fred Broitman. Fred Broitman is a well-known mail order authority and principal at Sunman Direct, Chicago’s largest independently owned Direct Response Advertising Agency.

Broitman’s book is a comprehensive
manual to help you start, run and manage your own mail order business using the Internet. You’ll learn about how to find a great product to sell, how to create winning ads and how to establish your online presence and maximize search engine optimization that will drive customers to your website.

The mail order manual is available via mail order and at select conventions. For a limited time only you can buy the guide for $29.95 plus $3.50 for first class postage and handling. Send a check or money order in the amount of $33.45 to Superior Press, 333 N. Michigan Ave., Suite 1032, Chicago, IL 60601. To learn more You can also visit


Start your own business making high profits on goods that are personalized. You can work with everything from candy wrappers and personalized water bottles to key rings, badges, signs and even customized songs for children.

You can sell these items from your own with a website or by placing a mail order ad. You can also sell from a space in another person’s store. This is called “piggybacking.” You can establish a booth at a crafts fair or flea market. Rent a kiosk in a mall during the busy holiday season (if you don’t have the funds to rent the booth all year long.)

If your products are targeted to a particular market—weddings—for example, contact caterers in your area and show them your product line. See if they would offer their clients what you have to sell and give them a commission on the sales. If you have personalized labels to put on candy or water bottles for a wedding party or other event, the caterer might want to include this in their “party package.”

Children are a large market for personalized books, stuffed animals and musical CDs.

The promotional products industry is a $20 billion industry and growing every year. Here are a few companies that can help you get started with your own personalized products business right in your home:

Promotional advertising specialties are a good way for small businesses to generate goodwill among their clients. You can tie in with the Kaeser & Blair company to offer hundreds of items ranging from travel coffee mugs and backpacks to awards, caps and shirts. The program costs just $85 to become a dealer and this fee is refunded when you begin to sell products and reach certain goals. The sky is the limit on sales. You can earn anywhere from $100 to $10,000 a week. It is all up to you and how entrepreneurial you want to be. Contact the company to receive a free Kaeser & Blair prospectus package. Call 800-642-0790 or visit to get started.

Occasionography offers a fun and moneymaking business opportunity that will have you taking orders to personalize a wide variety of products from candy bars and mints to water bottles and much more. If you own a computer you can generate these fun labels yourself and then place them on the appropriate products. The company suggests they are great for weddings, graduations, fundraising events, showers, new baby announcements, birthdays, family reunions, small businesses and more.

Work on this business part-time or full-time. To receive more information on how to make money creating labels and wrappers for products, visit and you can learn everything you need to know. The phone is 800-306-3552.

Personal Touch Products can help you launch your own business selling personalized products with names and surnames for just $249. You don’t need expensive equipment, just your computer. The company will provide you with software to create gifts for every event ranging from First and Last Name Keepsakes and Gifts, to Coat of Arms, Personalized Poetry Gifts, Popular Bible Verse Gifts and Family Tree Gifts. Visit the website at to learn more or call the company at 909-596-1166 and they will answer any questions you have about the business.

Badge a Minit is a proven leader in the field of personalized products. They offer a startup kit for only $29.95 that can enable you to create button for every occasion or event. The buttons can be used for fundraising events, community celebrations, anniversaries, small business giveaways, birthday parties and other special acknowledgements, schools, sports teams, crafts parties and much more. The company has been in business since 1971 and is ready to help you start your own business. Visit or call 800-223-4103 to learn more.

We featured contact information on Friendly Songs in our section on KIDS. Visit to learn about their custom music for children.


A major activity around the world is sports! If we are not playing sports, we are watching and wearing the logo items of our favorite teams in our communities and schools as well as pro teams.

SportsLife Enterprises can help you establish your own small business selling sporting goods and promotional items to local schools, corporations, clubs, special events, small businesses and more. You can offer screen printed or embroidered pieces ranging from hats and sweatshirts to ref’s shirts and custom uniforms.

If you love sports, this is a fun business to start. The company is celebrating their 23rd year in business in 2015, so you can work and learn from this proven leader. The startup costs are low. There is something available for every sport including football, basketball, soccer, softball and baseball.

Begin the dialog by contacting their website at or by calling the headquarters at 800-909-5433. Make this the year you start your dream business venture.

Pro Star Athletics is another company that can help you get started selling sporting goods, caps and jackets, team uniforms, licensed gifts, licensed apparel and much more. The sports they cover include football, volleyball, hockey, baseball, basketball, softball, soccer and more. You can sell the custom team products to local sports groups, clubs, community teams, small businesses who sponsor local events and more. Visit to learn more about Pro Star or call the company at 866-390-7732 and start making money doing something you love.


There are plenty of jobs for the handyman thanks to a building boom that has larger carpentry services turning down the “little” jobs. If you have experience swinging a hammer or performing tasks such as deck repair and building, fixing minor leaks and changing faucets, putting up fences and power washing homes, you have the potential to launch your own handyman service.

Check out the competition in your area. Is there room for another handyman enterprise? What are their rates? Do they charge by the project or by the hour? What will you charge your customers?

Call your insurance company and learn about liability insurance and getting bonded. This means that you will be covered by insurance should any damage occur on the property where you are working.

Call your county clerk’s office and determine if you need any special licenses or permits to operate in your county.

Develop a flier and a website with photos of some of the projects you’ve undertaken. You can start with your own home improvement projects or those that you’ve performed for your friends, family and neighbors. Get business cards, place an ad in your local newspaper.

Contact franchises such as Mr. Handyman by visiting their website and House Doctors at as well as Handyman Connection at To learn more about franchising, visit the International Franchise Association website to investigate the concept.


Start your own business catering to homeowners’ love of their backyards. You can start one or all of these ventures.

Mirage Waterless Grass is looking for entrepreneurs who want to own their own dealership marketing and installing Mirage Waterless Grass products. The company has created a synthetic grass that is a moneysaving, eco-friendly alternative to natural grass. It doesn’t have to be cut, fertilized, watered, seeded or mowed.

The product is ideal for both commercial and residential applications. You can run this business on a part-time or full-time basis. Visit to learn more about the business opportunity. The overhead is low and it costs about $2450 to get started.

The company also has opportunities available to install Putting Greens. Visit to learn more about that business startup opportunity.

Barbeque Cleaning is a hot business to start. We all love to barbeque but who likes to clean the grill? You come in and offer the service with your BBQ cleaning opportunity program from The BBQ Cleaner. The company offers a proven tested business system for cleaning barbeque grills.

You purchase the system, the kit and a complete operations manual that will teach you how to clean and repair BBQ grills. Contact The BBQ Cleaner by visiting their website or call the company at 888-296-8368 to learn more.

Another company that offers a business opportunity program cleaning barbeques is BBQ Renew. The company wants you to cash-in on all of those dirty gas BBQ grills out there. They offer a gas grill cleaning and restoration business opportunity that include equipment, tools and supplies, along with marketing materials. Visit their website, or send an email to to learn more.

Set Up & Install Outdoor TVs with help from Mirage Vision who has packaged their knowledge on outdoor LED/LCD TV systems into a business opportunity package. Backyard entertainment is booming and the company wants you to capitalize on the home cocooning trend.

You can learn to install the outdoor, waterproof TV systems and make a profit on every one you sell and install. Plenty of designs and options available.

Market this business to homeowners, bar and restaurant owners, hotels and resorts, sports bars, cafes with outdoor terraces, tail gate parties, campers, fisherman and anyone else who loves to hang out and relax in the great outdoors. Call 702-533-8899 or visit to find out how you can start this business in your region.


There have been an increasing amount of natural disasters ranging from floods and wildfires to hurricanes, tornadoes and windstorms. Many homeowners do not have adequate protection in the form of a proper listing of their belongings such as household goods, jewelry, artwork, musical instruments, computer equipment, and more.

This is where you come in: you can establish your own small business taking care of the job of creating an inventory listing of all items in the home or apartment. You can start and run this business as a mobile entrepreneur with your laptop computer and a camera/video camera/smartphone.

Develop marketing tools such as a website, brochure, business cards and place an ad in your local newspaper.

Visit the homes or apartments of your clients and make a list of their items. Photograph and/or video the contents of the home. Present your client with a written list and a CD/DVD of the home tour.

Small business owners will also want to be your clients.

You can start your own or purchase the business opportunity program from Home Journal Business. Their startup kit contains everything you need to launch and run this business from forms and marketing ideas to software. To learn more about the opportunity they offer to entrepreneurs visit www.

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