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Ways to Increase Your Freelance Writing Income in 2015

Do you want to know how you can earn more income with freelance writing in 2015? Do you have a New Year’s goal to reach or a personal goal to increase your earnings?

So here we have even more ways to increase your freelance writing income in 2015:

Skip the shortcuts and just work hard- Stop trying to find a way to make quick cash or “get rich quick”. Stop looking for your big break or your miracle and just put in some good, old-fashioned hard work. It will pay off for you.

Break free from content mills- It’s a controversial idea for many freelancers who have gotten sucked into the idea of content mills/content farms but I assure you, no good will come of it. The time that is spent writing tons of cheap paying articles every week for a content mill could be put into marketing yourself and finding high quality clients and connections. What if you could write one article a day for $200 instead of 40 $5 articles to earn the same amount?

Let go of your doubts- One thing that holds many freelance writers back is the doubt and the fear that they are not good enough or that they will be rejected. Here’s one thing you need to know about freelance writing- there WILL be rejection. But it doesn’t mean you’re not good enough. It just means you need to keep trying, or to hone your skills, or to apply for positions more fitting to your skills. Get rid of the doubts and believe you can do it.

Send query letters- I cannot believe how many self-professed freelance writers today don’t know what a query letter is. Seriously, this is not meant to be mean but the query letter is one of the single most important tools for a freelance writer and today they are easier than ever before. Few publications want SASEs and you can just email your queries with ease. If you don’t know what a query letter is, put that at the top of your list to study and learn how to craft them well.

Get out and meet people- It’s easy to be a hermit when you work at home but networking in real life is a great way to increase your income. I have business cards and I even give them out when service and repair people come to my house (Make the most of every situation!). I have been hired by a man who trimmed down a tree that was growing into my fireplace, a plumber that came over for a minor toilet repair and even a cleaning service. Those are just examples of people who came into MY home. When I am out and about and people ask what I do, I just give them a card and explain. Many have called me or referred me to others who later hired me.

Increase your marketing- This goes along with the last point but it’s more important than you might believe. So many writers say they don’t have time for marketing but if they did a little more marketing, they would have more time because they would not have to work as much. I rarely seek or apply for jobs anymore. The only time I apply for a job is if it is a very unique, interesting position or project that I really would like to be a part of. I get more than enough work through my writer website and word of mouth referrals. In fact, I get more than I am able to do myself and often turn down work and refer potential clients to my writer friends. I say, “There’s more work than there is Lisa.” That means there is plenty of work there for you as well.

Join a solid writer’s community- Another way to earn more money is to join a solid community of writers who are focused on finding or continuing success themselves. You can network, share advice and ideas and learn from one another. But this only works when you are in a solid community of successful writers. Sadly, the forums of your frequented content mill are not going to give you what you need to succeed. If anything, these communities will just hold you back and make you believe there is nothing better out there for you.

Use promotional products – You should consider getting a magnetic car sigh, brochures and business cards or promotional products such as pens that help advertise who you are and what you do. Print your website URL, phone and other info on these items and spread the word.

Take care of your health- This is an easy one to neglect if you’re busy trying to make money (especially when you don’t have enough money). But you need to be sure you get out and exercise, eat a healthy diet, get proper sleep at night and take at least one day off the computer a week. When you take care of your body and brain, it keeps working properly for you. You will avoid burnout, produce better work and be happy with the results.

Learn to master LinkedIn- This networking site is not just for people looking for traditional jobs. Freelancers can make the most from LinkedIn as well. You can reach out to publishers, to companies in your niche and others who may need the skills you have to offer. When you build a solid, professional profile for yourself, people will also reach out to you and they’ll be ready to treat you a lot better than someone on some bottom-feeding job board.

Keep an ideas list at all times- There’s no better way to stay fresh and excited about your work than by keeping an idea list handy and writing down the ideas when they come to you. Trust me, you are going to have plenty of clients and gigs to fill up your time so keeping all of those ideas handy will give you many great resources to fall on when you need to pull some ideas out of the hat.

These are just some of many ways to increase your freelance writing income in 2015. Do you have any tips or ideas you want to add? Have you made any resolutions to increase your earnings this year?

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