10 Online Resources for Graphic and Web Designers

How dull of a place would the world be without the artistry and passion that graphic and web designers bring to the table? We’ve put together a list of ten exciting resources for all of our creatives worldwide—so whether you’re looking for some Photoshop tips and tutorials, fresh new fonts or themes, or simply a jolt of inspiration, you’re bound to find what you’re looking for on one of these sites. And with over 800 active jobs awaiting graphic and web designers on Elance right now, you can learn some new tricks, get motivated, and then start bidding on some new projects!


A design blog catering to bloggers, freelancers, and web developers that gets 1.5 million hits a month. Includes helpful articles on coding (HTML & CSS, AJAX, and PHP to name a few) and tutorials on effects—3D, photo, and text. There’s also a premium content section ($9.95 for full access) with exclusive tutorials, downloadable source code, and coupon codes for design-related businesses. If you’re into that sort of thing.

Be sure to check: 45 Top and Most Popular Articles of 2010 in Design Community


A go-to site if you’re looking for some inspiration. Creattica provides galleries of design examples across categories like Business Cards, Flash Websites, Logos, and 3D Graphics, and every piece of work is user-submitted. Then the user community votes on which pieces go up on the site–and consequently which ones gets thousands of eyeballs a day on their creations. To start submitting your work simply create an account on the site.

Be sure to check: Flash | Latest Designs


An online community for designers where you can create your own portfolio and publish it so that you can receive feedback from your peers. Oh, and did we mentioned you win prizes for your constructive critiques? The only knock is that membership is invitation only—though you can get on the wait list, you may be off cozying up to one of the 7500+ “Creatives” who can help get you through the gates. Otherwise there are some great articles and design collections to browse while you wait.

Be sure to check: DesignersCouch InspireLog


Here we have a traditional but very useful design weblog dedicated to designers and bloggers with tricks, tools, tutorials and a lot of great giveaways to boot. Check out their WordPress tips, grab a couple of new Icons, or just read up with one of their informative article on Web 2.0 technologies.

Be sure to check: Icons for your interface

Inspired Magazine

A daily source of articles and resources with over 45 thousand subscribers and followers. More geared towards web developers and designers, with specific sections dedicated to Drupal, iPhone, Twitter and WordPress design—oh, and a ton of great articles on design for social media.

Be sure to check: 5 Upcoming Web Apps for Designers

Smashing Magazine

One of the most comprehensive places on the web for designers and developers, with resources for everything from HTML5 and CSS to Typography. Their “Smashing Network” is a manually selected collection of articles pulled from the best design blogs on the internet, updated daily. A great one-stop shop if you don’t have the time to peruse a ton of different sites during your day.

Be sure to check: Smashing Network

Speckyboy Design Magazine

Started in October 2007 as the personal freelance web design homepage of Paul Andrew, Speckyboy’s site evolved into one of the leading web resources for design in web, CMS, mobile development and graphic design. If you’re designing for the web and can’t find a relevant resource here—maybe it doesn’t exist?

Be sure to check: 50 Free Tools for Web Designers and Developers

Tutorial Blog

One of our favorite go-to resource destinations on the internet, geared towards—you guessed it—tutorials for beginner and intermediate web and graphic designers, artists and writers. Tons of great tips and advice to get you up and running on everything from Microsoft Office, Social Media, email campaigning, and maintaining your own freelance career.

Be sure to check: Browse Email Marketing Campaigns on Emailium for Inspiration and Ideas

Webdesigner Depot

Touted as a joint effort and collaboration between leading designers around the world, this site is another example of design diversity, with categories ranging from Adobe Creative Suite, coding and typography to best practices for your design business.

Be sure to check: What to Ask a Client Before You Start Their Project

Web Design Shock

A little light on the sheer amount of content, but what makes it on this blog really packs a punch. How about lists like “The best of the best web design tools and resources of 2010” and the “200 best illustrations in web design”? It’s clear that they spend a lot of time compiling these extensive lists, and you shouldn’t be afraid to take a few coffee breaks to scroll through them

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