Can web designing pay your bills?

I asked this question sometime back in a forum consisting of web designers and graphic artists and was surprised at the response i got. Especially from web designers. Majority agreed that web designing alone can not pay their bills especially in a country like Nigeria. Why?

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Sometime back, i had an encounter with a client who wanted to design a dynamic website with over 10 pages. Of course, i charged her a little close to N100k and the next thing i heard was she has a web designer that is willing to design the website for just N10k. I quickly discharged her and asked her to give the job to the other guy.

She later called to tell me the guy swindled her.That after paying the ‘cheap’ web designer, all he could do was a one page static website. I gladly accepted her apology and eventually paid me to do the job. This is just one of my numerous encounters.

What i’m driving at is this, it is the value you attach to your web designing services that matters.If you present your designs cheap, you’ll only be attracted to mediocre clients. But if you are sure of your capabilities and can prove it to your prospects, then you are sure of making it big in the web designing industry.

It doesn’t really matter if other designers are doing it for N10k or less, what really matter is, are they offering the same quality service as you? Make up your mind today to ensure that web designing pays your bills.

cos of course, IT DOES…


1 thought on “Can web designing pay your bills?”

  1. A lot of quacks are out there to infiltrate the Web design industry.Just make sure you offer high quality services at reasonable prices.


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