web designing

Let the web design training begins…

After sampling people’s opinion on what training they will like to take first, majority chose web designing. This means for the next one week or thereabout, i will be taking you through web designing.

You are about to learn what took me over three years to learn in a couple of days. However, i will be showing you step by step all you really need to know to become a professional webmaster.

Below is a list of the topics that will be treated in my subsequent posts:

1. Introduction to web designing

2. Site Definition

3. Setting up page properties

4. How to design a web page layout using tables

5. How to insert images and contents into your web page

6. How to set up scrolling messages in your web page

7. How to add behaviour to your images

8. How to create other web pages

9. How to link all pages together

10. How to test your website

11. How to upload your website

12. How to manage your website

13. How to edit existing web templates.

So, if you are ready to get started, take a look at your fist course below; Introduction to web designing. Enjoy…



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