web designing

Do you want to learn web designing in 1 hour?

Looking at the high unemployment rate in Nigeria, i have come to find out that majority of our so called graduates lack the basic skills that will enable them to be gainfully employed. Especially in this 21st century where every organization thrives on information technology, it becomes important for you as a graduate to become skilled in at least the most common of all softwares; microsoft office, which comprises of microsoft word, excel, powerpoint, and the rest of them.

However, you have an edge if you take it a little bit further by acquiring skills in other areas like accounting, database management, graphic designing, web designing, programming, 3D modelling, and so on…

The question i want to ask you is this? How much do you really know? If at this age, you can not boast of at least 5 different softwares that you are conversant with, then get ready to face the worst recession of your career.

The good news is this, if you are in this category and accidentally stumble on this blog, then you are the luckiest man on earth as you are about to be exposed to different tutorials and resources that will bring you at par with different professionals in your chosen field.

Get ready and remember to have fun while you learn.



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