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Chapter 3 : Setting up page properties

A website can be likened to a book with many pages. It consists of multiple pages that are linked together. Having this at the back of your mind will guide you as to how to arrange your contents in order to make it easy for visitors going through your website to see what they are looking for.

In this chapter however, i will be showing you how to create your first webpage. This is one of the most important part of web designing because, this is where you set the properties that guide all the pages in your website.

One trick i will like to share with you is this, once you are able to create your first page, you are very close to completing your website. I’m sure you are wondering, what if i want to design more than 10 pages?

The moment you are through designing your first web page, all you need to do is clone the page and use it as a template for all the other pages. Then edit the  contents to fit the individual pages. Before you know it, you are done designing the website.

I will show you how to do all these in my subsequent posts. Now get ready to design your first web page. Click on the videos below, It is in two parts. So ensure you click both videos to view. Let’s get started…



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Web Design Training Resumes.. Chapter 2: Site Definition

In my last post, i showed you some web design layouts designed with dreamweaver. I also told you all the things you need to have to fully learn this software and also, the 5 steps to designing a professional website.

In this chapter however, i will be taking it further by teaching you the first step to designing a website. This is known as SITE DEFINITION. This is where you define the project you want to work on.

The moment you define a site, it automatically creates a folder on your computer and anything you do on the website  will save into that folder, which makes it simple for you to edit your website anytime you want to add or delete contents. So, Click on the video below, let’s get started…



Can web designing pay your bills?

I asked this question sometime back in a forum consisting of web designers and graphic artists and was surprised at the response i got. Especially from web designers. Majority agreed that web designing alone can not pay their bills especially in a country like Nigeria. Why?

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Sometime back, i had an encounter with a client who wanted to design a dynamic website with over 10 pages. Of course, i charged her a little close to N100k and the next thing i heard was she has a web designer that is willing to design the website for just N10k. I quickly discharged her and asked her to give the job to the other guy.

She later called to tell me the guy swindled her.That after paying the ‘cheap’ web designer, all he could do was a one page static website. I gladly accepted her apology and eventually paid me to do the job. This is just one of my numerous encounters.

What i’m driving at is this, it is the value you attach to your web designing services that matters.If you present your designs cheap, you’ll only be attracted to mediocre clients. But if you are sure of your capabilities and can prove it to your prospects, then you are sure of making it big in the web designing industry.

It doesn’t really matter if other designers are doing it for N10k or less, what really matter is, are they offering the same quality service as you? Make up your mind today to ensure that web designing pays your bills.

cos of course, IT DOES…


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Let the web design training begins…

After sampling people’s opinion on what training they will like to take first, majority chose web designing. This means for the next one week or thereabout, i will be taking you through web designing.

You are about to learn what took me over three years to learn in a couple of days. However, i will be showing you step by step all you really need to know to become a professional webmaster.

Below is a list of the topics that will be treated in my subsequent posts:

1. Introduction to web designing

2. Site Definition

3. Setting up page properties

4. How to design a web page layout using tables

5. How to insert images and contents into your web page

6. How to set up scrolling messages in your web page

7. How to add behaviour to your images

8. How to create other web pages

9. How to link all pages together

10. How to test your website

11. How to upload your website

12. How to manage your website

13. How to edit existing web templates.

So, if you are ready to get started, take a look at your fist course below; Introduction to web designing. Enjoy…



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Do you want to learn web designing in 1 hour?

Looking at the high unemployment rate in Nigeria, i have come to find out that majority of our so called graduates lack the basic skills that will enable them to be gainfully employed. Especially in this 21st century where every organization thrives on information technology, it becomes important for you as a graduate to become skilled in at least the most common of all softwares; microsoft office, which comprises of microsoft word, excel, powerpoint, and the rest of them.

However, you have an edge if you take it a little bit further by acquiring skills in other areas like accounting, database management, graphic designing, web designing, programming, 3D modelling, and so on…

The question i want to ask you is this? How much do you really know? If at this age, you can not boast of at least 5 different softwares that you are conversant with, then get ready to face the worst recession of your career.

The good news is this, if you are in this category and accidentally stumble on this blog, then you are the luckiest man on earth as you are about to be exposed to different tutorials and resources that will bring you at par with different professionals in your chosen field.

Get ready and remember to have fun while you learn.